#FightTrump This Week: Protect Women’s Health, Keep up the Pressure on Russia

This Week’s Action Alert

Thursday, March 9, 2017

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As you probably saw, the GOP finally put forward their version of healthcare reform. Does$600 billion in tax cuts for the rich that makes healthcare unaffordable for our senior citizens, women, families, LGBT folks, working people, and foster youth sound good to you? We didn’t think so. Let’s get to work.


Protect Women’s Access to Healthcare

On Monday, the GOP introduced the American Healthcare Act. The act increases the burden on low-income families, allows health insurance companies to increase premiums for the elderly, and has several provisions to reduce women’s health coverage, including reducing coverage for abortion, defunding Planned Parenthood (which is one of the major providers of all kinds of health care to poor women and the LGBT community), and eliminating maternity care. Under the Republicans’ healthcare bill, women would face financial repercussions for being poor. Or using birth control. Or being pregnant.

This week, show your support for women’s rights to access basic healthcare. Call your U.S. Senator and let him or her know you stand with women. Or consider organizing an event to support Planned Parenthood (a link with ideas for how to do this is below!).

Make a Call

  1. Find your U.S. Senator or Representative
  2. Use the following script, courtesy of Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

Hi, my name is ____________ and my zip code is _____________.

I'm calling to ask my Senator to vote NO on any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

This is nothing more than a blatantly political attempt to attack women's health and rights and take health care away from the people who need it most.  I stand with Planned Parenthood because [insert your own story, if you like]. I expect my Senator to vote against any attacks on Planned Parenthood and the vital health services they provide.

Thank you for your time.

Organize an Event outside your Congressional members’ local offices

Want to show your elected officials how high a priority this is for you? Planned Parenthood has put out a call to host events around the U.S. outside the district offices of Congressional members. Here’s a place to sign up. And here is a great guide to hosting a fundraising party.



Don’t let Trump off the hook on Russia

Trump and the Republicans will do whatever they can to distract the public from Trump’s ties to Russia, like making completely unfounded accusations against President Obama. We need to keep our eye on the ball. Two easy actions to keep the heat on this week:

(1) Call your Senator or Representative and ask whether they will be pushing for a full investigation. 5Calls has a great script and will give you the right numbers to call if you enter your zip code here.

(2) Post to Facebook and Twitter to call for a Congressional investigation into Trump’s connections to Russia.


Protect Critical Regulations from President Trump


The big fights are not only happening in Congress. Under Trump’s direction, Federal agencies are rolling back Obama-era regulations that protect the environment and our country’s workers, and those that regulate banks and unscrupulous financial advisors.

This week, take action on the Fiduciary Rule, which requires that financial advisors act in the best interest of their clients, rather than lining their own pockets.

Trump’s Department of Labor is considering rolling this rule back. You can help protect it by emailing EBSA.FiduciaryRuleExamination@dol.gov with the following note:

To the Department of Labor:

I support the implementation of the DOL conflict of interest rule and oppose any delay of the rule.

Millions of Americans, like me, are counting on their 401(k)s and IRAs, and many depend on investment professionals for advice about managing these complex retirement plans. Retirement savers should be able to trust their financial advisers to put their clients’ interests first. Unfortunately, the rules that have applied to retirement investment advice have made it too easy for unscrupulous advisers to line their own pockets at their clients’ expense.

The DOL rule would close the loopholes in the law that have allowed financial advisers to profit at their clients’ expense. It would strengthen protections for retirement savers by requiring financial advisers and their firms to provide retirement investment advice that is in the client’s best interests. As a result, retirement savers will have the confidence that when they go to financial advisers, they are receiving high-quality, honest advice, instead of a sales pitch disguised as advice. Americans who have worked hard to save for retirement need and deserve these basic, common-sense protections.

Delaying implementation of these new protections would allow financial advisers and their firms to continue to engage in harmful practices that threaten the retirement security of their hardworking clients. In deciding to delay the rule, that DOL is taking the position that opponents’ interests in avoiding having to comply with the rule should win out over retirement savers’ interests in receiving the critical protections from the rule, which is shameful. Retirement savers need and deserve to receive the protections of the rule without delay. The DOL should conclude that the proposed delay is unjustified and that the rule should be implemented beginning on April 10th.


Did you miss last week's action? It’s not too late to call on Jeff Sessions to resign.

#FightTrump This Week: Call on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Resign

Yesterday, news broke that while testifying to the Senate during his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose meetings he held with the Russian ambassador - even when specifically asked about his communications with the Russians during the campaign.

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is supposed to oversee the FBI, which is charged with investigating domestic terrorism. He’s also the leader for all Federal prosecutors around the country, who ask citizens every day to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Sessions can’t be trusted to do either.


Republican leaders are calling for Sessions to recuse himself from further Russian investigations. That’s not enough. Sessions must go.

Today - right now - join Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer by demanding that Sessions resign. Start by calling your elected officials and encouraging them to call for the resignation of Sessions. Instructions and script below.

Call your Representatives and ask them to call for Sessions’ resignation.

(1) Find your Representatives

(2) Call them, using the following script:

“Hello, my name is [X] from [CITY] and I am a constituent of [REPRESENTATIVE]. I am deeply disturbed and concerned that Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to disclose his meetings with the Russian ambassador while under oath during his confirmation hearing. We have seen too much deceit from the Trump Administration about their ties with the Russians. The Attorney General is charged with overseeing the FBI - the very agency responsible for investigating domestic terrorism. And to have an Attorney General who lies under oath sets a terrible example for our country. Sessions must go. Will [your Representative or Senator] call on Sessions to resign?”


Extra Credit: 

You can also post a note on social media using the hashtag #SessionsMustGo.

Example tweet: “What kind of Attorney General lies under oath to his own colleagues - about contact with the Russians? #SessionsMustGo”


#FightTrump This Week: We Need To Protect Transgender Students And Immigrants Now

This week, we’re focused on taking action on immigration and protecting transgender students. We are also sharing tips for going to a Congressional constituent meeting near you, even if your representatives are trying to hide!


#StandWithDreamers and Pass the BRIDGE Act:

As you may have seen, this week Trump announced that the Federal Government would use all available powers to identify and punish illegal immigrants, including publicizing crimes by immigrants; enlisting local police officers as enforcers; stripping immigrants of privacy rights; erecting new detention facilities; discouraging asylum seekers; and, ultimately, speeding up deportations.

Our partners at the Weekly Resistance put together a helpful resource on one action you can take to protect some immigrants who came here as children. These “Dreamers,” who got legal protection from deportation under Obama, are especially vulnerable to Trump. They shared confidential personal information with Homeland Security to get their papers and, while the current administration claims they are still exempt from priority deportation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement could use their personal information against them. Members of both parties are co-sponsoring the BRIDGE Act to let them keep their protected status and stop Trump from using their information to round them up. We’re calling Congress to demand they move the bill forward ASAP.


(1) Find your Representative

(2) Call them, using the following script:


Hi, I’m [NAME], a constituent from [CITY, ZIP CODE]. I would like to ask Senator/Congressperson [NAME] to commit to support the BRIDGE Act as soon as possible. I’d like your boss to publicly commit to supporting it, and to push their fellow senators to move it forward. Do you know how Senator/Congressperson [NAME] plans to vote on the BRIDGE Act?

Extra CreditMovimiento Cosecha is dedicated to winning permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the 11 million undocumented people in the United States. They’re organizing sanctuary spaces and teams that can respond quickly to raids, detentions, and deportation crises in the short run, and to dramatically change the conversation about immigration in the long run. We have to defend the “Dreamers” now, but the efforts of Movimiento Cosecha are critical to achieving the long-term immigration reform we need for the entire community. Donate here.


Protest Discrimination Against Trans Students:

photo via: Getty Images News/ Sara D. Davis

Last night, the Trump administration announced plans to withdraw Title IX protections for transgender students. Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in education, was expanded under President Obama to include the right of transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity. Removing this protection puts one of the most vulnerable groups of Americans at risk, and it's unacceptable.

This action is from our friends at Project 1461. Call the White House comment line and your Congressional representatives to tell them your opinion on this policy. Here are some scripts:

For the White House comment line:

  1. Call (202) 456-1111 and use the below script:

My name is [your name] and I live in [city/town, state]. I'm calling today to tell the president that I disagree with his decision to lift Title IX protections for transgender students. Transgender children are at incredibly high risk of bullying, violence, and even sexual assault. As adults, it's our job to protect them. Allowing children to use the bathroom corresponding to their sexual identity doesn't cause crime - it protects people at risk of being victimized. Please, I urge you to reconsider this policy immediately.

Note: if you get a recording saying the call cannot be completed that just means the lines are overloaded - try again later and go to Step 2 in the meantime.

(2) For your Congressional representatives:

(a) First, find your Representative

(b) Call them, using this script:

My name is [your name] and I'm a constituent of [representative]. I'm calling today to ask [rep's name] to do everything in his or her power to stop the president from lifting Title IX protections for transgender students. Transgender children are at incredibly high risk of bullying, violence, and even sexual assault. As adults, it's our job to protect them. Allowing children to use the bathroom corresponding to their sexual identity doesn't cause crime - it protects people at risk of being victimized. Please, I urge you to make a public statement opposing this policy today, and to introduce and support legislation that reintroduces protections for transgender students.

Other steps you can take to help protect trans students:


  • If you're an educator, parent, or caregiver of a transgender student, read this resource from the National Center for Transgender Equality about trans student rights and consider printing and sharing in your place of education. You can also take action to encourage your school to allow children to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. Here's a good resource from the NYC DOE that you can use to request something similar in your school.



Show up for the #ResistanceRecess:

The week of February 17-26 is the first district work period (“recess”) of the new Congress. Members of Congress will be back home holding public events and meeting with constituents. These meetings are a great opportunity for your group to remind your representatives that they need to stand up for you—and that means standing up against the Trump agenda.

If you haven’t already attended one, check to see if your representatives are holding any events.

Can you find an event? Great! Here’s your plan.

Is your representative MIA? Don’t worry! We still have a plan!


The FightTrump Team 

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Go forth and #FightTrump! 

Did you miss last week's action roundup? It’s not too late to pressure business leaders to sever ties with Trump!!!

#FightTrump This Week: Flynn, Russia, Puzder, and Business Leaders

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Earlier this week, Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn resigned after acknowledging that he discussed economic sanctions with the Russian Ambassador before Trump took office – and lied about it to Vice President Mike Pence. (More on this later.) This resignation shows that our pressure – and the work of millions of other people around the country – is helping to keep the President and his team publicly accountable.

This week, we’re focusing on a few key actions: calling to oppose Trump’s Labor Secretary nomination, notorious labor-rights violator Andrew Puzder, putting more pressure on Trump’s business advisory council members, and emailing your members of Congress to further investigate the Administration’s ties to and communication with Russia.

Pick your personal favorite to call or act upon, or tackle them all if you’re feeling ambitious!



Trump’s nominee for U.S. Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, is the CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of fast-food outlets Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. As Secretary of Labor, Puzder would be charged with protecting the rights of workers across the country. But Puzder is on the record opposing many basic worker protections: he’s publicly spoken out against increasing the minimum wage, expanding paid sick leave, and increasing eligibility for overtime pay. On top of this, his company was just sued by fast-food workers in California for labor violations.

On Thursday, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions will hold their first hearing on the nominee; if approved, he’ll be headed to the Senate floor for a vote. Four Republican Senators in the committee – Collins of Maine, Murkowski of Alaska, Scott of South Carolina, and Isakson of Georgia – are currently on the fence.

Add your voice against Puzder. If you live in a state of one of the members of the HELP Committee, call your Senator. Here’s a script:

I am calling to urge Senator ____ to oppose the nomination of Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary. Mr. Puzder cannot be trusted to look out for workers’ best interests or to even follow basic labor laws himself. His company, CKE Restaurants, is currently being sued for wage theft and sexual harassment, and we recently discovered that he did not even follow labor laws when hiring a housekeeper in his own home. I urge you to oppose Andrew Puzder’s nomination.

If you don’t live in a state of one of the HELP members, sign the petition organized by Fight for 15 and consider joining the rallies they are organizing.



Trump has established an advisory council of national business leaders. We’re joining the effort to pressure those executives to either publicly oppose the recent Muslim ban or withdraw from the council. This strategy is already working: in response to pressure by consumers (and the hashtag #DeleteUber), Uber CEO Travis Kalanik stepped down from the advisory council and made a firm statement against the Muslim ban.

Of the other 18 executives that remain on the business advisory council, only two have stated their position on the Muslim ban. It’s time to demand that all of these business leaders speak up. Take action by going to this page, where you’ll find easy, one-click icons to send emails* and tweets. Let these executives know that we want them to make a public statement against the Muslim ban.

(*If the email templates aren't working for you, you can find email addresses for all executives here. Thanks to Wall-of-Us for their leadership on this front.)



The big news earlier this week, Flynn’s resignation, seems to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Trump campaign’s communications with Russia. Rep. Jerrod Nadler (D., NY) has called for a broader investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, and we’re now asking you to take action to pressure your representatives for more investigation, too.

  1. Find the info to reach your representatives here.
  2. Here’s a script to use when calling your representatives:

Hi, my name is (NAME), I’m calling from (PLACE, ZIP CODE), I am one of your constituents. I'm calling to ask that you support Representative Nadler’s call for an immediate and full investigation into the Trump administration’s Russia ties. Congress should appoint a select, nonpartisan committee to do so. I believe it is your duty to investigate and keep the American people informed on this most pressing national security issue. Thank you.



Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 1.12.21 PM.png

Don’t forget - your congressional representatives are on recess next week. Find a town hall near you. If your representative hasn’t already scheduled a town hall near you, give them a call and ask for a local meeting. 


#FightTrump Wednesday, February 8, 2017: Sessions, Dodd Frank, public education and financial regulations


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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Last week, we reminded you that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Well, enraged and engaged marathoners, take heart: our voices ARE being heard and our collective actions ARE making a difference!

Orange Resistance has a great roundup of the positive news highlights and accomplishments from the last few weeks. Take a look. Savor these accomplishments and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re doing great work and it’s paying off. 

We have some important, timely actions for you this week - including our first action which has to be completed today, February 8th, by 6 p.m. EST when the Senate votes. Let’s get to it!




By now you’ve likely heard about the heated battle that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) engaged in last night on the Senate floor. The exchange took place as the senate debated the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Justice. Sessions will likely be spearheading the implementation of Trump’s travel ban, and he has a questionable racial record

Warren is fighting the good fight, but she needs our help, and quick: Call your representatives TODAY BY 6 P.M. EST (which is when the Senate votes) and demand that they oppose the nomination of Sessions as Attorney General.

Here’s how to reach your representatives:

  1. Use some fancy technology to reach your Senator: dial 1-202-224-3121 and follow the prompts to reach your Senator by entering your zip code! If you prefer the old-fashioned direct-dial method, you can find the number for your Senator here.

  2. Use the following example script. (We’ve updated our scripts based on the advice of former Senate staffers who say to give a zip code and specify that you don’t need a response.This speeds up the staffers’ process of taking tallies of callers.)

Hello. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent of [Sn.____]. My zip code is ______. I don’t need a response. I am calling to ask the Senator to vote no on the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Sessions will not protect key components of the voting rights act and I’m concerned that he will be leading implementation of the travel ban. I would like to ask Senator _______ to vote NO on his confirmation.

Thank you.




If you followed the historically close confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of the Department of Education, you’re probably as horrified as we are about her unprecedented lack of experience with public schools. Now, more than ever, it’s important to support your local public schools (especially those that have less resources.) We are digging this great list of 20 things you can do to support public schools!



One of the key things former congressional staffers and government experts urge those in the resistance to do is to show up, in person, to events held by your congressional representatives. This is probably the single most effective thing you can do as a constituent. Thankfully, the Town Hall Project 2018 has put together a handy spreadsheet detailing all the publicly listed upcoming town halls, open houses, and other opportunities to interact with your reps! Check it out and commit to going to an upcoming event! 

One issue we recommend bringing up with your rep: the Affordable Care Act. Our voices are being heard on this issue and it’s important to keep the pressure and stories coming!

Don’t know what to say or do when you show up? Indivisible has a 



We know, we know, it sounds wonky and complicated. But, the administration’s move this week to roll back key some of the protections Obama put in place after the 2008 financial crisis is a dangerous one. Read up on how Trump is already proving to be a much closer friend to big banks than the “average American” his campaign claimed to represent.


#FightTrump Wednesday, February 1, 2017: Vive la resistance

With less than two weeks in office, the Trump administration is off to a chaotic and dangerous start.

This week we’re asking you to take actions that further both short and long-term agendas. Pick a couple or if you’re feeling fired up, do them all! This email includes recent successes made possible by people like you, calls on nominations, donations to support the environment, and the recent Supreme Court nomination.



Okay, it’s been less than two weeks and at Fight Trump, we are already exhausted, and overwhelmed. We bet you are, too. During this resistance, it will be so important to continually recognize that our collective actions CAN and DO make a difference. (It’s also important that we focus on self-care: take regular media breaks to stay sane, get enough sleep, and eat at regular intervals.) Here are a few highlights of what YOU have already done:

Remember: this is a marathon, not a sprint. Celebrate your successes and take care of yourself so you can continue to be an active, engaged, and enraged citizen!



This week, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee may vote to confirm both Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Nominee to lead the Department of Justice. Pruitt is an avid climate change denier with close ties to the fossil fuel industry and, along with being considered too racist for a federal judgeship in the 1980s, Sessions is considered to have laid the groundwork for the recent travel ban.

Activists are increasingly calling on democrats to oppose ALL of Trump’s nomineeswhile he continues to uphold the executive order barring travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. Here’s how you can make your voice heard on the latest nominees:

  1. Use some fancy technology to reach your Senator: dial 1-202-224-3121 and follow the prompts to reach your Senator by entering your zip code! If you prefer the old-fashioned direct-dial method, you can find the number for your Senator here.

  2. Use the following example script. (We’ve updated our scripts based on the advice of former Senate staffers who say to give a zip code and specify that you don’t need a response. This speeds up the staffers’ process of taking tallies of callers.) 

Hello. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent of [Sn.____]. My zip code is ______. I don’t need a response. I’m calling because I’m concerned about the nomination of Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency . 

Pruitt has close ties to the fossil fuel industry and frequently operates on their behalf, which jeopardizes the ethical integrity of this office and makes him unfit to hold this post. I would like to ask Senator _______ to vote NO on his confirmation. 

I also am calling to urge the Senator to vote no on the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Sessions will not protect key components of the voting rights act and I’m concerned that he will be leading implementation of the travel ban. I would like to ask Senator _______ to vote NO on his confirmation. 

Thank you.



With Pruitt’s appointment looming and the plan to sell millions of acres of federal landand to drill in the national parks, environmental organizations now need your dollars more than ever. Support the Trust for Public Land or Earthjustice.   



Last night, Trump -- running the country less like a business and more like a reality tv show -- summoned two finalists to Washington, D.C. for the announcement of his nominee to fill the Supreme Court seat left open by Antonin Scalia’s death last year. Read up on Gorsuch herehere, and here. Here’s one opinion of what senate democrats could do. We’ll have more calls to action on this nomination next week.


The FightTrump Team

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Go forth and #FightTrump!


Did you miss our urgent call to action earlier this week? It’s not too late to act to oppose the immigration ban!


#FightTrump Urgent Action Alert: Oppose the immigration ban!

 Sign up for weekly actions and urgent alerts at www.FightTrump.co.  
Forward this message to your friends and encourage them to join!

Today we are partnering with our friends over at Project 1461 to share an urgent action alert about President Trump's executive order released late last week that banned immigration and refugees from 7 Muslim-majority countries. We are sharing a condensed version of Project 1461's action alert today, to keep it simple for all of you!

On Friday, Donald Trump issued an executive order suspending admission of any refugees into the United States, and banning travelers from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan. Despite what Paul Ryan says, Americans can make no mistake: this is a Muslim ban and a clear violation of the principles of religious freedom on which our country was founded (not to mention it's probably illegal). Today's call to action: save the lives of refugees and immigrants and stop Trump's Muslim ban. Donate, call your reps, and, if you can, volunteer your time as well. Let's take this step by step below.


With your money: 

  • This is the most important way you can stop the ban; many of the harmful, destructive actions that Trump is taking will be fought in the courts, and if you're not an ACLU attorney, the next best thing you can be is a donor. The ACLU has seen a spike in donations - $25 million raised just this weekend - so we suggest donating to another organization that does this important work but doesn't have such a high profile. Here are two options:


  • Several celebrities, including Sia and Chris Sacca, are currently matching donations to the ACLU. Many employers also have matching programs, and anyone can use Amazon Smile to set up donations every time you make an Amazon purchase.


With your voice:

  • Call Congress? Don't mind if we do! While the ban was an executive order, our Congressional representatives owe it to all of their constituents -- especially those who are Muslims, immigrants, and who have come to the United States fleeing persecution -- to speak out against the ban. Here's an up-to-date list of Congress members' statements about the ban. Check the list and see if any of your representatives haven't spoken out -- if so, call them! (And if they all have, call someone to say thanks.) And don't just call Republicans; every member of Congress needs to make a public statement denouncing the ban.

Here's a list of numbers and a script you can use, or visit 5 calls and be ready to make and track your calls on tons of important issues:


Hello, my name is [your name] and I'm a constituent of [rep's name] from [your city, state and ZIP]. I'm calling to ask [rep] to make a public statement denouncing Donald Trump's executive order banning refugees and visitors from Muslim-majority countries from legally entering the United States. The ban unfairly targets people fleeing persecution, legal residents of the US, and others based on their religion -- a violation of one of our country's most sacred principles, religious freedom. Can I count on [rep] to make a statement on this?


With your time:

  • Protests are happening all over the country into this week and the upcoming weekend. ThinkProgress and GroundGame have posted lists that will continue to be updated, and you can also contact your local Indivisible group to see what's happening in your town.


  • If you'd like to help refugees and immigrants who are already in the United States, but whose livelihoods are threatened by the ban:
    • Refugee Council USA has a list of local affiliates that you can contact directly to volunteer, donate, and support refugees in your area
    • The International Rescue Committee has volunteer opportunities to mentor refugees, help them find jobs, and maintain gardens in refugees' neighborhoods


Did you miss last week’s call to action? It’s not too late to call your Senators about Betsy DeVos!

#FightTrump Wednesday, January 25th, 2017: Swing States, DeVos, & Go Local

Trump has officially been president less than a week, but he’s already been busy. He reinstated the Global Gag Rule, imposed a federal hiring freeze, and signaled he may move ahead with the Dakota Pipeline. And those aren’t even the harmful actions we’re asking you to respond to in this email!

This week we’re asking you to take actions that further both short and long-term agendas. We know a LOT is happening and it may seem like there are a thousand issues to focus on. We are partnering with other activist groups to prioritize concrete, timely actions that we believe your participation can help to deliver change on. If you have suggestions or questions you can always email or tweet us!

We’re also asking you to step up your activism and begin to investigate opportunities to join up with local real-life action groups (more info below). The Trump Administration is underway and we all have to step up accordingly if we want to have any hope of resisting its dangerous policies. 





Up First: Betsy DeVos, Trump’s spectacularly unqualified candidate for Secretary of Education. Sadly that doesn’t necessarily set her apart from other Trump nominations, but her first nomination hearing did not go well. She was unable to answer basic questions about education policy, but did announce her opinion that people should be allowed to bring guns into schools because of grizzly bear attacks (I wish we were making this up. We are not). She also has an enormous potential for financial conflicts of interest, with 102 problematic conflicts already identified. Her hearing has been postponed to wrap up on January 31st. So for your first action today, we’re asking you to call your Senators and tell them that Betsy DeVos absolutely must not be confirmed at Secretary of Education.


  1. Find the number for your senator here

  2. Call during business hours.

  3. Use the following example script:


Hello. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent of [Senator____]. I’m calling because I’m concerned about the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.

It is clear that DeVos has a severe lack of knowledge in America’s public school systems or any viable plan for how to improve them.

The majority of America’s  school children attend public schools. We cannot leave their futures and the future of our country in the hands of a woman whose ideas to privatize school funding have already left the state of Michigan and its children in shambles.  Her financial conflicts of interest are also staggering.

I urge [Senator__] to use his/her voice in Congress over the coming week to make clear that Betsy DeVos should not be confirmed, and that President Trump should nominate a new, more qualified person for the position of Education Secretary. The future of our country is depending on our vote. Thank you for your time.


Although Trump just took office it’s already time to be thinking about the next election. With a Republican-controlled House and Senate it’s all too easy for Trump to push through his dangerous and ill-thought-out agenda. If we want to find any respite on the national level before his first term is up, we need to be thinking about flipping House and Senate seats in 2018. Some of you may live in swing districts - but even those of you who don’t can donate time, money and energy to the closest one. The website SwingLeft helps you do just that. Enter your zip code and the site will tell you your closest swing district. You can sign up to join the “team” for that district and you will receive email updates about calls for action, volunteer opportunities, or donations.

(NB: The Daily Kos published a piece suspicious of SwingLeft because of what was then a lack of transparency about the founders. Since then the site has been updated to reflect the origins of the project, and to include a statement that they will not share or sell your contact information, and we at #FightTrump feel comfortable recommending it. However you should always be cautious about giving out your personal information on the Internet and may want to create a separate email address for this purpose, in general.)



Over the past few months you may have seen the Indivisible Guide that was making the rounds online. Created by former Congressional staffers it laid out a detailed plan for how to organize to resist the Trump Agenda. Now the folks behind the Indivisible Guide have created a website that allows local action groups to register so that people looking for local action can search and join them. Making phone calls and sending emails is one form of activism, and we know that it works. But being part of a local action group is an important step in reclaiming our democracy. Politics is personal and getting to know the actors in your city or state, the issues, and creating networks on the ground is part of how we mobilize our collective power to make change. So today, search for your location on the Indivisible site, and find a group to join. Commit to attending their next meeting. Take a friend if you’re shy - or even if you’re not. The more the merrier!


#FightTrump Friday, January 20, 2017: What Can We Do?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Sign up for weekly actions and urgent alerts at www.FightTrump.co.  

Today is the day. Starting today, and for the next four years, President-elect Trump will simply be The President. Earlier this week, we sent you a list of protests you can join. We hope you’re out there on the street, making your voices heard. But when you have a moment, please read this email.

The last two months have been disheartening, disturbing and at moments scary. The struggle is real. With Trump as President and majorities in the House and Senate, Republicans can use their position of power to repeal the Affordable Care Act, roll back regulations that protect workers and the environment, and lower taxes on the wealthy.  It is hard to know where to turn or what to do.

We at #FightTrump have been working on identifying concrete actions you can take to help fight back. We won’t win every fight. In fact, we’ll lose most of them. But that doesn’t mean your efforts don’t matter. Trump’s ratings are the lowest of any President-elect. The protests at inauguration are unique in our history. You are part of a national movement of resistance that is slowing down the new President’s every move. And that’s a very powerful thing.

Over the month ahead, we will continue sharing actions with you every week and, occasionally, sending action alerts on major issues. We will also be joining forces with dozens of other similar organizations around the United States, like Project 1461, to lift up your voices. In a democracy, there is great strength in numbers, and we are helping build a national coalition.

So if you can’t join a protest today, spend a moment thinking of a few friends that might want to join our movement, and pass this email along - together, we can make a difference.

#FightTrump: Want to protest on Inauguration Day? Read this.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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President-elect Trump will be inaugurated on Friday, January 20. Around the country, tens of thousands of people will spend the day demonstrating that we don’t support Trump or the Republican Party. That we oppose rolling back health care for tens of millions of Americans. That we believe in protecting civil rights, women’s rights and labor standards, in reducing carbon pollution and protecting the environment, and in strengthening public schools.

We encourage you to find a protest near you to join. These protests will give Republicans pause, show solidarity, and help strengthen the political resistance to Trump.


Today, find a protest near you for Friday or Saturday of this week and commit to join it. There’s no single national listing, but here are some great resources:

  • Washington, D.C. will be ground zero for protests, with dozens of events planned. The New York Times has an interactive map that may be helpful as you sort through options.  Chief among them: On Saturday, January 21, there will be a Women’s March on Washington, with sister marches around the U.S. Remember the “Women’s Marches” aren’t just for women!

  • There will also be protests around the country on Friday and Saturday. Here’s a list of protests in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington State, and Wisconsin

  • If you can’t find anything near you, try doing a google search for “inauguration protests in [my city]” or searching on Facebook.

#FightTrump Friday, January 13, 2017: Call for Congress to address Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Friday, January 13, 2017


Inauguration day is a little more than one week away, but Trump is already aggressively advancing his agenda. On Wednesday, Trump continued his attacks on the press and shouted at reporters from the podium during his first press conference in months. And on Thursday the GOP-controlled Senate took the first steps to overturn the Affordable Healthcare Act.

We have to continue to fight back.  This week, take action on conflicts of interest and read up on healthcare.


On Wednesday, Trump’s attorney Sheri Dillion outlined Trump’s plan to avoid conflicts of interest. Unlike previous Presidents who have liquidated assets and put them into blind trusts, Trump will turn over his business to his sons, who will continue to run the global business empire. Dillon argued, in essence, that Trump should not suffer financial repercussions for taking the presidential office.

The Presidency is a public trust and the Constitution expressly forbids the President from receiving any financial benefits from foreign governments. Trump has at least 28 foreign properties and partnerships that could generate money from foreign officials and trigger a violation of the Constitution, according to a USA TODAY analysis. Conservative leaders from President Bush’s former ethics advisor to the Wall Street Journal editorial board have called on Trump to divest.

This week, call your representatives and demand Trump be held accountable for divesting his business interests.

1. Call your Senate and House representatives. You can look up and find the telephone numbers for representatives in  your state here. Use the below script as an outline to file your complaint.

Hello. My name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent of [Sn. or Rep. ____]. I’m calling because I’m concerned about the President-elect’s decision not to fully divest his foreign business interests. I believe that this decision leaves the door wide open to the corrosive influence of foreign money on the executive branch.

Our founders specifically included language in the constitution to make sure foreign governments cannot influence the executive branch through payments or benefits of any kind. I urge [Senate or Rep __] to use his/her voice in Congress over the coming week to make clear that the President-elect must fully divest his foreign assets, put them in a truly blind trust, or step down as President-elect. Thank you for your time.


On Thursday, the Senate took an important procedural step to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act, which has helped extend healthcare coverage to 20 million Americans. Normally, to repeal a law like the Affordable Care Act, the GOP needs 60 Senators - which is the number required to overcome a filibuster. But during a special process known as “budget reconciliation,” the Senate takes an up and down vote, which means 51 Senators carry the day. On Thursday, Republican Senators passed a budget resolution that essentially allows funding for the Affordable Care Act to be addressed through that budget reconciliation process. So now 51 Republican Senators can strip funding from the Affordable Care Act, rendering it largely obsolete. You can read more about the Senate’s actions here and here.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be asking you to help protect the Affordable Care Act.  For now, please read up on some of the big fights ahead.

#FightTrump, Thursday, December 29, 2016: Surviving in an autocracy

Thursday, December 29, 2016

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As 2016 winds down and we look toward the next four years, it’s a good time to reflect and gear up. Over the next few days, #FightTrump will be slowing down so we can better serve you in the New Year. In the meantime, we have some good reading and listening so you can prepare yourself to lead the resistance in 2017!

Today, we’re sharing a great article (and podcast) where Masha Gessen, a Russian American journalist, talks about her rules for surviving in an autocracy.



Today, read about how to survive (and resist) a Trump presidency

  1. Read Masha Gessen’s article- Autocracy: Rules for Survival 

  2. If you’re more of a listening type, check out the great episode of Trumpcast where Gessen talks about her article here


Extra Credit: Tweet us some of your favorite articles, episodes or other media on how to resist Trump!


#FightTrump, Wednesday, December 28, 2016: Really Want to Defeat Trump? Join A Movement

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 Sign up for daily, weekly or monthly actions at www.FightTrump.co

Recently, we asked you to read the excellent Indivisible Guide. One of the most powerful things you can do in preparation for the next four years is to get involved with a grassroots, community organizing group that already exists. Today, we’re partnering with #JointheMovement to help you find a group that matches your interests!


Today, take a quiz to determine where your talents and energy can make an impact!

The civil rights movement, the tea party, and successful social change all have one thing in common: citizens joining in grassroots groups to pressure the system. This is how we will resist Trump’s agenda.

  1. Take JoinTheMovement’s quiz here OR look at all the organizations they’ve compiled so far on their handy spreadsheet

  2. Follow these tips for joining

  3. Get out there and organize!

Extra Credit: You’ll be more likely to really attend and engage if you have a friend you know will join you- forward the quiz to 10 friends and see if any of them have interests that match yours!

#FightTrump, Tuesday, December 27, 2016: Really Want to Defeat Trump? Act Local

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sign up for daily, weekly or monthly actions at www.FightTrump.co. Recently, we asked you to read the excellent Indivisible Guide.

Cliffs notes version: while you probably, like us, detest most of their politics, we have a lot to learn from how the Tea Party used local political power to slow Obama’s progressive agenda. One of the most powerful things you can do in preparation for the next four years is to get involved with a grassroots, community organizing group that already exists. They have the tools and organizing power we’re going to need to bring pressure from the ground up to resist Trump’s agenda.


Today, join a progressive community organizing group near you.

The civil rights movement, the tea party, and successful social change all have one thing in common: citizens joining in grassroots groups to pressure the system. This is how we will resist Trump’s agenda.

  1. Find a community organizing group near you. You can google “community coalition” or “community organizing” plus the name of your city and see what shows up. If you are involved in a religious organization or any other community organization - like a PTA - ask people there for suggestions as well.

  2. Sign up for the organization’s email list

  3. See what their upcoming events are (town halls are a great place to start!) and commit to attending one

Extra Credit: You’ll be more likely to really attend and engage if you bring a friend along with you! Ask a friend to sign up and commit to going to an event together.

#FightTrump, Monday, December 26, 2016: Thank the White House for Dismantling the Muslim Registry

Monday, December 26, 2016

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Today is still a holiday for many people, and it’s a good time to cultivate gratitude and celebrate the lights we can still see even when things seem dark.

Last week, the White House announced that it will be dismantling the Muslim registry, a dormant registry for Muslims visiting the United States from countries with active terrorist groups. Trump has stood by his plans to place a temporary ban on all Muslims wanting to visit the United States - including refugees -  and establish a registry for visitors in the future. Dismantling it will make it much harder for Trump to enact this plan.


Your action today is to thank the White House for dismantling the Muslim registry,  preventing the Trump administration from quickly capitalizing on it during his administration.

1. Pick up your phone, and give the White House a call. You can reach the White house at: Phone: 1-202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202- 456-2121

2. Follow this example script below:


My name is (your name) and I’m calling from (location).

The reason for my call is to thank the White House for its role in dismantling the Muslim registry. President-elect Trump’s message has been filled with religious xenophobia, especially in regards to his threats to instill the Muslim registry and place a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

This mentality has absolutely no place in our country, or in our presidential rhetoric.  

Thank you for doing everything you can to block this plan.

3. Can’t call? Tweet @WhiteHouse

Thank you @WhiteHouse for dismantling the Muslim registry and pushing back against xenophobia.

#FightTrump, Sunday, December 25, 2016: Read About How Moral Mondays Was A Holiday Victory For All

Sunday, December 25, 2016Sign up for daily, weekly or monthly actions at www.FightTrump.co.


In the spirit of the holidays, today we are sharing with you a story of faith, courage and a victory over unethical behavior in our government.

Moral Mondays was a movement started in 2013 by Reverend William Barbar in North Carolina three years ago. Initially, he marched with just a few people to protest the unjust practices of the North Carolina governing body (about which you can read more below).

Over the past three years, Moral Mondays has grown to thousands of weekly participants. This past month, the Moral Mondays movement had perhaps its biggest victory yet: ousting incumbent Governor Pat McCrory - a republican who became nationally known for promotion legislation aimed at suppressing voter rights, killing workers rights, targeting members of the LGBTQ community for discrimination, and most recently refusing to give up his governor's seat for over a full month after being defeated in the election statewide race. fdcba63a-97fc-4df4-bc96-3dd4a70bce6c



Your action today is to read about how the Moral Monday movement helped create concrete change through unity and mobilization. Think about how these tactics could inspire us in the Administration ahead.

  1. Read this piece which outlines the early history of the Moral Mondays movement. Find out how the foundation built by Moral Mondays helped disband the GOP coup of the governor’s seat.2. Continued action is required throughout any political movement. Moral Mondays continues to face a state legislator that is trying to suppress the future voting rights of constituents. Realize that it’s still not over.  Read and learn how the organization is continuing to fight.

#FightTrump, Saturday, December 24, 2016: Read Up On Trump’s Family Conflicts

Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Trump set the precedent for his conflated role as president (no pun intended) and businesses owner at the beginning of his campaign, when he refused to release his tax returns. Since his election into office, his conflicts of interest have grown, most noticeably with the role his children have taken within his business and, potentially, in his administration.

It’s important to know what Trump’s conflicts of interests are and to hold him accountable. If Trump doesn’t stop his continual evasion of the emolument clause (described below), this could set him up to be impeached.


Your action today is to read about Trump’s various conflicts of interests between his role as president, and his family and business interests.

1. Read this piece from Salon which outlines Trump’s conflict (after conflicts) that violate the Emolument clause.

2. Read these pieces on why Ivanka Trump’s $50k auctioned coffee date (later cancelled) was problematic, and the potential conflicts of interests that would arise if she were to talk on anything more than a hostess role at the White House.

#FightTrump, Friday, December 23, 2016: $5 Friday for Justice

Friday, December 23, 2016

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We instituted $5 fridays because collectively, we can make a huge impact for those on the ground fighting for justice, safety, and our future.

On the weeks when you have the ability to put a few dollars towards a good cause, help us send a message to Trump that the people and institutions he threatens have our support. This week, we highlighted the many people still in prison under unfair sentencing laws. Let’s help give them the best gift of all - freedom.


If you have $5 to spare today, consider making a holiday donation to organizations fighting for equal justice under the law.

  1. The Equal Justice Initiative, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, and the Innocence Project all do incredible work. Think about sending them a holiday gift.

  2. Don’t have $5 to spare? No problem! Consider signing up for the mailing list of any organization listed- they’ll likely send you calls to action.

#FightTrump, Thursday, December 22, 2016: Get familiar with your representatives now

Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Over the weekend, we asked you to read the excellent Indivisible Guide. Cliffs notes version: while you probably, like us, detest most of their politics, we have a lot to learn from how the Tea Party used local political power to slow Obama’s progressive agenda. Over the next four years, the most effective way to resist Trump will likely be by pressuring your representatives in the House and Senate. So, now’s a great time to get nice and familiar with the people we’re going to ask you to spend a LOT of time talking to over 2017.


Today, get connected with your members of congress.

  1. You probably have three representatives in congress (two senators and a house representative)- find them here
  2. Go to each representative’s website (usually the first google result of their name)
  3. Follow them on twitter
  4. Sign up for their mailing list


Extra Credit: See if they are having any public events soon, and think about attending one!


#FightTrump, Wednesday, December 21, 2016: Ask Obama to provide justice for the #unfairlysentenced

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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Today’s call to action comes from our friends at the Weekly Resistance. Donald Trump has made it clear that criminal justice reform, and particularly, a focus on racial justice, are not anywhere near his priority list. In the meantime, outgoing President Obama can reduce the number of people in prison under the outdated, racially biased sentencing that created massive disparity between sentences handed down to crack cocaine and powder cocaine offenders. Thousands of people remain locked in federal prison right now even though both parties have admitted the law they were sentenced under was wrong – too harsh and racially biased. We can help them and send a message to Trump that we will continue the fight against mass incarceration. We’re calling President Obama to demand commutations for all those who’ve been abandoned, to bring them under the Fair Sentencing Act like everyone else.


Today, call President Obama to ask him to restore justice for the #unfairlysentenced

1. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111

2. Here’s a script:

Hi, I’m [name]. I’m asking President Obama to grant clemency to all those still imprisoned under the abandoned crack cocaine sentencing laws. Both parties have agreed the policies that put these folks behind bars so long were unfair, and they shouldn’t have to keep paying for that failure. If the President doesn’t act now, we know Trump won’t, and it’s going to cost them years of their lives. Please tell him to commute their sentences to what they would be today.

Extra Credit: Sign this petition with the same request with a focus on undocumented immigrants here